Combo Kit of all the broken glow plug tools that suit all the various scenario's

Combo Includes:


For removing damaged and broken glow plugs from cylinder heads, specifically where they have sheared off just under the hex flush with the cylinder head.

Big life saver for the dreaded broken glow plugs especially with engines containing the M8 size glow plugs such as Mercedes Benz. It's either use a tool like this or pull the head off.

Models: Universal / BMW / Mercedes Benz / VAG 


Glow Plug Electrode Remover Tool Set M8 & M10

This tool designed for when the glow plug undoes and is removed - but the electrode has broken off and is sitting inside the head chamber - they have very small drill bots in the kit that allow you to drill a small 2.5mm hole in the broken electrode - then you can tap a small M3 thread into the broken electrode and cut a small M3 thread - then you can use the extractor to remove the broken electrode.

Working with threads this size is precision work

1. Drilling Guides: M8 x 1, M10 x 1, M10 x 1.25mm
2. Drills: Ø 2.5, 3.3mm
3. aps: M3 x 0.5, M4 x 0.7mm
4. Extraction Adaptors: M8 x 1, M10 x 1, M10 x 1.25mm
5. Threaded Rods: M3 x 0.5, M4 x 0.7mm
6. Extractor Nuts

NOTE: This kit won't do ceramic and iridium-platinum alloy electrodes present in high-end diesel vehicles, before purchasing this tool check the electrode component material at the manufacturer's manual. Other option to get metal alloy tips out is using the phishing method dropping it to the chamber and picking it up through the injector with our pick up magnet tool SW77260027. Unfotunately there is no extraction method for broken plain ceramic tips we can offer.


Glow Plug Puller Set W / Slide Hammer

This kit is for when the glow plug has been undone but you cannot pull it out of the head - carbon has built up on the electrode and prevents removal - the tool has an A feature that simply allows the glow plug to be extracted with the slide hammer - or the B feature if the glow plug is broken off below the screw thread. 

Glow Plug Puller Set A comprehensive set suitable for removing stubborn glow plugs. Ideal for removing plugs that have been unscrewed, but seized, due to residue build up or where the filament has been distorted.
Quick and effective method, saving time and money.

External Clamping Collets 2.7, 3.6, 5 (x2), 6mm

Internal Clamping Collet 5.6mm


Broken Glow Plug Electrode Extraction Kit
This kit is designed to extract the electrode of a broken glow plug by drilling and tapping the remnant electrode tip and fitting an extraction rod to the tapped hole which can then be pulled out.
This kit is supplied with 4 guides; 
M10X1, M10X1.25, M9X1 and M8x1 which covers the common sized glow plugs. 
4 extra long guided drills 2.5mm and 3.2mm with suitable guided taps, M3x0.5 and M4x0.7 to suit the most common electrode tips. 
Two long extractors are supplied to engage with the tapped electrodes which may then be extracted in a controlled manner. 
This can be a frustrating and time consuming process which is now all too common. 
This kit is one of several we have available, depending on the particular application.


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